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ATM/POS Debit Card

Convenience starts with an ATM/POS/Debit Card!

Need to know where you can use your Debit Card?

The CO-OP locator near the bottom of the page will help.  For merchant information, access the STAR merchant locator.

An Automated Teller Machine/Point-of-Sale/Debit Card makes it easy for you to buy groceries, gasoline, and make many other purchases through the STAR® and MasterCard networks without cash or checks.  And of course, make cash withdrawals at thousands of ATMs across the country linked to the Plus System®, CO-OP®, STAR®, and MasterCard® networks.

TruGrocer debit card design  

Card Controls and Debit Card Transaction Alerts

To help protect your Debit Card, Card Controls puts you in charge of when your card is "active" to do transactions.  You are able to decline transactions simply by turning off your card.  You also setup selective declines, text alerts and email notifications based on your needs.

Accessing Card Controls:   Logon to CU OnLine> Additional Services> Card Controls or logon to the TruGrocer Mobile App and select Card Controls from the main menu to manage and add these protections to your Debit Card.

Digital Wallet -- Your tap-and-go solution 

Use your smartphone for a contactless, safe, and secure way to pay for purchases in stores; link your TruGrocer debit card in Apple Pay©, Google Pay© or Samsung Pay©.  You can tell that a merchant accepts digital wallet payments if its checkout terminals display a contactless symbol, which resembles a Wi-Fi logo turned on its side.

ATM/POS/Debit Card Information and FAQ’s

Here’s how it works.  The ATM/POS/Debit Card is easy to use.  Either pass your card through the point-of-sale cash register at participating merchants, enter your PIN, and verify the amount of your purchase, or hand your card to the merchant and sign for your transaction.

Your ATM/POS/Debit Card purchases will be deducted automatically from your TruGrocer Federal Credit Union Share Draft (checking) Account.  Be sure to record your ATM/POS/Debit Card transaction in your check register immediately, just as you would when writing a check.

How can I get a card?

To obtain an ATM/POS/Debit Card, you first need to open a Share Draft (checking) account.  If you already have a Share Draft (checking) account with TruGrocer Federal Credit Union, call your branch office to request a card.  If you do not currently have a Share Draft (checking) account with the credit union, contact your local Branch and request a Share Draft (checking) application.

Once you have opened a Share Draft (checking) account and requested a card, your free ATM/POS/Debit Card will arrive in the mail.  Your computer generated PIN will arrive a few days later.  To guard your card and Share Draft Account, memorize your PIN.  Never keep it with your card or tell anyone else your number.

How long does it take to get a card?

Once your Share Draft (checking) account has been opened, your card will be ordered.  You should receive your card 7 to 10 business days later.  For security purposes your PIN should arrive separately a few days later.

Do I need to activate my card?

Yes, for security purposes your card comes in an inactive state.  To activate the card simply call the number listed on the sticker on the front of the card, follow the prompts, and your card is activated.

How much can I access?

Your daily withdrawal limit is the balance in your Primary Savings and Share Draft (checking) account or $1,500 whichever is less.  We reserve the right to change your daily withdrawal limit at any time without notice.  Withdrawal limitations may vary between networks and individual machines.

What fees are associated with my card?

TruGrocer Federal Credit Union does not charge any fees for the use of your Debit Card.  You may, however, encounter a fee charged by the operator of the machine when you make cash withdrawals from ATM’s or point-of-sale purchases.  Look for signs on the outside of ATM machines and/or ask the merchant before making your transaction.  ATM’s with the CO-OP symbol generally will not charge a service fee for withdrawals made with your TruGrocer Federal Credit Union ATM/POS/Debit Card.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Call your local Branch immediately (after hours call 888-241-2510).  They can cancel your card and order you a new one.  Remember to memorize your PIN and never keep it with your card.  Protect your Share Draft Account!

Do I use my card just like a credit card?

Yes.  Your ATM/POS/Debit Card can be used anywhere MasterCard Debit is accepted, purchases are deducted from your TruGrocer Federal Credit Union Share Draft (checking) account.

Do my transactions appear on my statement?

Yes, transactions processed using your ATM/POS/Debit Card will appear in the Share Draft (checking) section of your monthly statement.

Can I withdraw money from my savings account?

If you are using an ATM to withdraw cash, you may be able to select a savings withdrawal from your Primary Savings account.  Remember that transactions are rejected if the funds are not available in your selected share account.

What is Falcon Fraud?

This is a neural network system that monitors debit card activity for transactions that potentially could be fraudulent.  Click here for more details about Falcon Fraud.