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Credit Score and More

Always know your Credit Score. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your credit score is an important number that determines if you are eligible for a loan, the loan amount, the interest rate, and what promotions you can qualify for. If you have ever tried or purchased a car—you know.


And we want to help! Because we are your financial institution, and we are committed to your financial health and success, we have partnered with Credit Score and More, to provide you with this very powerful financial tool. Access your credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, and financial education. All without impacting your credit score.   TruGrocer members can do this ANYTIME and ANYWHERE and for FREE.  


  • Daily Access to your Credit Score
  • Real-time Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Tips to improve your credit score
  • Personalized Credit Report
  • Credit Simulator
  • Set long-term goals like buying a home or saving for a vacation
  • Identify and submit a claim on your credit report within the platform
  • See rates available for you based on your score
  • Special Offers
  • And more!

The Benefits are endless; enroll today! 

Login to your CU Online on mobile or desktop and look for the credit score widget.