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Scam Alert

We've noticed scammers pretending to be from TruGrocer, calling members to steal personal info. Here's what to watch for:

Vishing Scams (Voice Call)

They'll spoof our number and pressure you for info. We never ask for it over the phone. Hang up and call us if unsure.

Phishing Emails

Watch for suspicious emails asking for personal info. Check sender addresses, grammar, and hover over links.

Smishing Texts

Scammers use texts with urgent tones or unfamiliar numbers to trick you. Slow down and verify before responding. Remember, TruGrocer won't ask for personal info out of the blue. We never provide links or threaten account closure. Contact us if in doubt.

TruGrocer Will Never Do The Following:

  • Directly link to Online or Mobile Banking or provide links to websites to authenticate your information.
  • Contact you via email, phone, or text asking you to provide personal information or update/validate  your credentials.
  • Ask you to enter your personal account information directly in an email, chat box, or pop-up message.
  • Ask you to respond to an email, chat box, or pop-up message with your personal account information.
  • Threaten to close or suspend your account if you do not provide your personal account information.
  • Request your personal account information because your account has been compromised. 

If you believe someone is attempting to access your account, or already has, call us at 1-855-320-6460.

Contact TruGrocer