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Benefits to Employer

TruGrocer is a NO-COST benefit to employers in the supermarket and grocer industry in the United States.  By supporting TruGrocer membership, an employer promotes a caring work environment and will likely increase employee productivity as employee financial stress is eased.

How does your company benefit?

  • Adds value through a NO-COST employee benefit
  • Save money by facilitating Direct deposit/Payroll Deduction directly… that eliminates the expense of ACH processing
  • Shows employees and their family members how they can accomplish their financial goals
  • Assisting with Health Savings Account (HSA’s) implementation
  • Creates co-branding marketing materials for your company
  • Cash Dispensing Machine or an ATM with 600 or more members/potential members at a single location

By adding TruGrocer to your employee benefits program, your employees will see that you care about their financial wellbeing and that you’re committed to helping them achieve their personal and financial goals.