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VISA Credit Card

A VISA® Credit Card accepted most anywhere, it has an EMV chip for extra security and you’ll get 1% CASH BACK!

A VISA® credit card gives you purchasing power and convenience at your fingertips!  Use it at over 14 million different locations, wherever the VISA® logo is displayed. Use it to make purchases most anywhere or make cash withdrawals at ATMs and financial institutions across the world. Or use it to make reservations for hotels, rental car agencies or flight plans. And you'll enjoy the 1% annual cash back on all your purchases (excluding cash advances).

The VISA® credit card is easy to use.  Simply use your card wherever VISA® is accepted, at over 14 million different locations worldwide. Swipe or insert your chip card at checkout, sign the receipt and you're on your way. You'll receive a monthly statement outlining your purchases.  Pay it off in full or make monthly payments.  It's your choice.

You can also make cash advances at thousands of ATM's and financial institutions across the world. We don't charge a fee, but the ATM or financial institution may.

Enjoy a fixed 16.9% Annual Percentage Rate, 25-day grace period on purchases, and no annual fee. Plus, once a year a 1% cash back amount on all your net purchases (excluding cash advances) will be credited back to your VISA Credit Card. Now that's savings you can plan on!

The fastest way to obtain a VISA® credit card is to click on the Apply for a Loan button and quickly get you your answer.  If preferred, we can send you a VISA® Application that you complete and return to your local Branch. To apply you should be employed for at least three months at your current job.

How long does it take?

Once we receive your VISA® Application, it takes one to two days to process your application. Once approved, it takes approximately six to ten days to receive your card. Your PIN arrives a few days after you receive your card for security purposes.

How much can I access?

For purchases, you can access daily up to your available credit limit with your VISA® credit card. For cash advances at ATM machines, you can access daily up to $1005 or your available credit limit, whichever is less.   Be aware that most machines will only give approximately $300 at a time.  For cash advances at financial institutions, you can access daily up to the financial institution's limit or your available credit limit, whichever is less.

What fees are associated with my card?

TruGrocer Federal Credit Union does not charge any fees. You may, however, encounter fees when you ask for cash advances at ATM's or other financial institutions. Look for signs on the outside of ATM machines and/or ask the financial institution's representative before making your transaction.

When do I receive the 1% cash back?

Can you believe these savings? Once a year, in October, the 1% cash back amount for the net purchases you made during the prior 12 months will be credited back to your VISA Credit Card. A credit card that rewards you for using it!  The more you purchase during the year, the more you earn back. Now that's cash back in your pocket!

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Call your local Branch immediately during regular business hours. During the evenings and weekends, call 1-855-609-3629 to report your card lost or stolen.

How can I avoid fraud on my credit union VISA?

As the use of plastic payment methods increase, the potential for fraud also goes up. Plastic cards are easily stolen, counterfeited, and then resold.  Even a discarded receipt from a credit card transaction often contains enough information to perform fraudulent Internet transactions.  Help reduce your exposure to credit card fraud by following these simple rules: 


  • Sign your plastic cards with permanent ink immediately upon receipt
  • Commit your PIN to memory
  • Carry only the cards you plan to use
  • Store unused cards in a secure, locked place
  • Open your statement promptly and reconcile your account
  • Review all of your card transactions carefully and report anything unusual immediately
  • Take receipts with you and/or tear them up before they are thrown away
  • Routinely check your credit report for any unusual or unrecognizable activity
  • Notify the Post Office to put a hold on your mail when you’re out of town or, arrange for a trusted friend  to collect your mail each day


  • Loan your cards to anyone
  • Write your card number on a personal check
  • Give pertinent personal financial information, such as account numbers, Social Security Number or PIN over the phone
  • Allow your card to be taken out of your sight during a sales transaction
  • Keep your PIN written down in your wallet