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To All Grocery Workers... Thank You!!!

Grocery industry workers, serving at both the retail store and Distribution Center levels, have a lot of worries – exposure to a complicated virus, long hours, little rest, and an abundance of stress as they work to keep customers, co-workers, themselves and their loved ones healthy and safe.

TruGrocer Federal Credit Union, which serves nearly 30,000 grocery industry workers across the United States, has options available to help members navigate financial difficulties caused by COVID-19.  While many grocery industry workers have not had lost income themselves, they may live in households where family members have lost a job, had their hours reduced, or have incurred other unexpected hardships. 

Options available include:   loan payment skips, waiving loan late fees, waiving penalties for the early withdrawal of a Share Certificate, and a special 15-month personal loan program where the first payment is not due for 90 days.   Please contact your branch for more details.

The brave grocery industry workers, who are laboring so hard to help their communities, deserve our heartfelt thanks, appreciation and support.