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Electronic Teller

Secure Telephone Access Directly to Your Credit Union Account using the Electronic Teller (E.T.)
(208) 343-1035 or 1-800-392-3328

By using E.T. you can:

  • Find balances of your shares and loans.
  • Make transfers between shares (savings to checking or vice versa).
  • Make loan payments by transferring funds from a share (savings) or share draft (checking).
  • Make withdrawals from your shares and have the check mailed to you.
  • Find out if a draft (check) has cleared.
  • Find out the amount and date of your payroll deposits.
  • Find out your transaction history of deposits, withdrawals and dividends earned.

When using E.T. you will need your Member (account) Number and your 4-digit PIN. The same PIN is used to register for CU OnLine and access E.T. but it is not the same PIN as your ATM/Debit Card or VISA Credit Card. You can change your E.T. PIN once you access your account.

Remember to never divulge your PIN verbally over the telephone, not even to Credit Union Staff. Your PIN should only be used by pushing the buttons on a push-button telephone after you have accessed the Electronic Teller.

How to Access E.T.:

  1. Call (208)343-1035 or 1-800-392-3328. When E.T. answers, you will need touch-tone access on your telephone.
  2. Enter your Member (account) Number followed by the pound # key.
  3. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) followed by the pound # key.
  4. Your options will be spoken by E.T. as you make your selections.
  5. To end your call, select 5 on the main menu.